Resolution image: 20 Mpx (5 cameras  5 Mpx.).
Size of the output image:

Maximum resolution (20 Mpx):camaradimi

7300 x 2200 pixels   (10 FPS)

Medium resolution (12 Mpx):

5750 x 1750 pixels   (15 FPS)

Low resolution (5,2 Mpx):

3600 x 1150 pixels   (30 FPS)
Image Recording:

Possibility of recording at resolutions simultaneously.

High quality locally for later forensic analysis.

Enabling motion, continuous recording or control schedules.
Output port: Ethernet 100 / 1000
Compatibility: ONVIF, vídeo H264, recording systems in remote NAS.

IR illuminators for night vision (Since 30 m)

Feeding by solar panels


Anti vandal housing

Housing for special areas of explosion or fire.

Image analysis with exclusion zones and control alerts